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ZChat 1. It allows you to live chat with website visitors, monitor site traffic, and analyze visitors web activities, including their search engine and keyword usage. Visitors to your web site simply click a Live Help button and are connected with one of your representatives. Your representative then assists the visitor by providing information, vhat, graphics, or even guiding them through your web site. Protect customer data and other proprietary information by ensuring it never leaves your data-center.

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Product details

In order to do so, you need cchat initialize the Web SDK with the authentication option as follows: zChat. Certain API Methods may not be available for authenticated visitors or may be available but with reduced functionality, you may find such information under the description of these affected methods.

To log out an authenticated visitor, call zChat. This will close cat connection to the Zendesk Chat server and you will need to re-initialize the Web SDK to establish connection again.

Starting a Chat A chat is a conversation between the visitor chzt one or more agents who will be communicating with the visitor. To start a chat, the visitor or an agent needs to send the first message in the chat. When this happens, a 'chat' event of type chat.

When an agent cnat a chat, the visitor will also automatically the chat. This will result in two chat. Sending a Chat Message To send a message, use zChat.

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Use zChat. Ending a Chat A chat session is ended whenever the visitor leaves the chat. This can also be triggered programmatically using zChat. When the visitor has no activity mouse movement, key presses in 20 minutes, the visitor will be disconnected and any ongoing chat will be ended. Typing Typing indicators allow the visitor or agents to know that the other party is currently typing a message.

To inform the agent that the visitor is currently typing, use zChat. Similarly, use zChat. In the agent chat panel and top bar app for Support integration customers, this is indicated by a double checkmark in the chat log: You can update this timestamp by calling zChat.

Chat Transcript Visitors can request for the chat transcript to be delivered to their address. The chat transcript will be sent to the visitors when the chaf session ends. To do so, use zChat.

Ensure that you only allow the unauthenticated visitors to request for chat transcript while a chat session is still active. For authenticated visitors with past chats, this method will schedule an containing the transcript for the most recent conversation.

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Chay Feedback Visitors can give feedback to agents before the chat has ended. Currently, visitors can rate a chat or leave a comment. To rate a chat: To leave a comment: zChat. This feature char only available if you have the File Sending settings enabled in your Chat dashboard. Sending Attachments To send a file attachment, use zChat. Receiving Attachments Attachments successfully sent by others will be broadcasted as a chat event.

Listen to 'chat' events of type chat.

For example: zChat. By incorporating new elements such as one-time-use quick reply buttons, persistent panel templates with embedded pictures, and different button actions, you can use templates for many purposes. Examples include e-commerce goods recommendation, content recommendations, option selections, and service scheduling. Where is the structured message payload? See the payload of 'chat.

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The following structured messages are currently available, along with examples of how these messages can look like when implemented: Quick Replies Quick Replies allows a message to be sent with an array of options for a end-user to choose. Once an option is selected, it can be sent as a reply.

Button Template Button Template allows a message to be sent along with a list of buttons. Once the button is selected, it can either make a quick reply open a URL Panel Template A Panel Template allows a message to be sent with a panel containing image, title, subtitle and a list of options as buttons.

List Template A List Template allows a message to be sent with a list of items containing image, title, subtitle and a button. How can you send a structured message? Consider upgrading to the latest Web SDK version. Please check the schema of the dhat message payload for the correct Web SDK versioning support. General style are: action methods e.