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The bold and the beautiful chat

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The bold and the beautiful chat

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About sharing media captionWatch highlights from the Daytime Emmy awards US soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful has won the top Daytime Emmy award, clinching the prize for best drama series. We're so grateful," said the show's executive producer Bradley Bell as he accepted the award.

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Alexandria comes downstairs and glares at Steffy feeding Liam a cupcake.

Alone in her room, Aly plays with a dollhouse which is filled with figures whose faces are cut-out photos of Eric, Stephanie, Thorne and Aly. She tells her deceased mother that Steffy and Maya are talking about her behind her back and must be stopped.

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Steffy surprises Liam with a romantic massage. Rick and Brooke discuss the unexpected arrival of Maya's and Nicole's mother.

Maya is happy to see Vivienne who explains that she just came to pick up Nicole. Vivienne says she doesn't want to hurt Maya, but she doesn't see this as a stable situation for Nicole or Maya since Maya is living with a man.

Maya states that she and Rick are in love. She accuses her mother of never defending her, but Vivienne claims that Maya not only broker her father's rules but also those of nature when she decided to live as a woman. Vivienne recalls how hopeful she and her husband were when Written by Torsten B.