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Buffy the vampire slayer chat

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Buffy the vampire slayer chat

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Edit Storyline In the twelfth century, the Italian friar Thelonious used the circle of Kayless ritual to capture the demon Moloch the Corruptor te a book, hoping it would never be read. However, it arrives in Sunnydale High Library. Before Giles could examine it properly, it's scanned into the school computer by Willow and possesses it. Virtual evil is now able to spread through the school network, pretending to be Malcolm, Willow's brand new chat pal, for whom she even gives Xander's Bronze invitation a miss. Soon, Buffy notices other normally nice students, like Dave and Fritz in her computer class, behave strangely, and start up the abandoned computer services firm CRD.

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It was named after the local teen hang-out featured on the show. The Bronze was tremendously popular. In addition to fans, many of the people involved in the production of the show posted regularly, including actors, directors, writers, musicians, and show creator Joss Whedon.

Shout-outs and in-jokes for Bronze regulars appear in the background of some scenes of the show. Following its closure, several new posting boards appeared including The Bronze Beta.

This linear board is still active, and in the early days saw posts by several VIPS who had ly interacted with fans on the Bronze. It started in I think on the official WB website. It was a really simple, linear message board and resembled a guestbook more vampirf the message boards we think of today.

It was all flat and new messages appeared above the old ones. There were no forums, no thre.

I will admit that we had our rough times, but they were generally taken care of and the nature of the board was such that if you just ignored the person causing the problem, their posts would cycle out and they would get bored with it and move on. I really believe that the ability to self-regulate and keep the scary, creepy type of fannishness to a minimum let the VIPs feel comfortable enough to come and interact with us. We'd even had posting board parties that were meant more for the Bronzers to meet up than anything else, but eventually tye VIPs decided to show up as well to meet the people they'd been talking bufdy.